This is a post-factum's hobby project of running public recursive DNS service using free-of-charge infrastructure.

The service can be accessed by the following means:

Protocol DNS Stamp Notes
DNSCrypt sdns://AQcAAAAAAAAAFDE0MC4yMzguMjE1LjE5Mjo4NDQzIH2l4fL6H6BQcKWfdf9ZnrvWxZL_
Anonymized DNS relay sdns://gRQxNDAuMjM4LjIxNS4xOTI6ODQ0Mw
DoT sdns://AwcAAAAAAAAADzE0MC4yMzguMjE1LjE5MiAyhv9lpl-vMghe6hOIw3OLp-N4c8kGzOPEootMwqWJiBJkb3QucG9zdC1mYWN0dW0udGs
DoH sdns://AgcAAAAAAAAAACCcu6D8li96KzHGKxsXWi3kxQqDlXJ-MLYmqAAJp4Dj2BJkb2gucG9zdC1mYWN0dW0udGsKL2Rucy1xdWVyeQ Cached globally via Cloudflare, only GET requests are allowed

There's NO filtering and NO logging. DNSSEC validation is enabled.

Some realtime stats are available here.

The following infrastructure providers are used:

The server-side implementation consists of the following bits:

This project DOES NOT:

Privacy note: DoH traffic between this service and end users goes through Cloudflare CDN, which implies that generic visitors statistics is visible in the Cloudflare dashboard. Use DNSCrypt or DoT instead if you are not comfortable with being mediated by CDN.

What's monitored:

If something is not working, contact post-factum via IRC on Libera.Chat or OFTC.